Underground Exposure


Dancing. One of those things in life that I just got to have. It is a form of soul expression for me. It’s like I release myself from all humanly stress and just let go.  In that moment, no problem can ever harm your soul. Your mind is free and your body just moves.


Last Friday, I was invited by one of my mentors, The Pageman Pajo , to this event called DEEP FRIED, that I have never heard of my entire life. Of course, it’s underground. And I’m mainstream like that. Haha. Well, now I wish I had known about it a long time ago. I loved it. I took my boyfriend who doesn’t dance and guess what, he got himself to dance less than an hour at the place.It was very inviting. With the very dark lit place, and the strobe lights just slamming on the walls, it made it easier for you not to worry what you will look like. You don’t have to dress up and go to the place just for show like any other club. Not to mention, the music was phenomenal. The beats were very beautifully done by the DJs Toti Dalmacion and Cyril.


It was a great experience and I would definitely definitely go back. The event, aside from Deep Fried itself, coincided with a friend of Sir Pajo, Swissy’s birthday celebration. Thanks again and Happy Birthday! Thanks Sir Pajo for inviting me and showing us a great time!

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